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Open Hack NYC

The Developer Conference


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As part of our ongoing annual Hack U program, Yahoo! web experts travel to top engineering universities for a week of all things Web. During the week students have the opportunity to learn about the latest web programming languages, developer tools, and open technologies from Yahoo! and beyond. The week’s events culminate in the 24 hour University Hack Day competition where they gather in a room and build their dream application, with the support of Yahoo! engineers, plenty of caffeine, snacks, prizes and fun. This year, the winners from each of the past semesters' university hack programs will join us here -- at Yahoo! Open Hack NYC.  The following individual students and student teams won their respective university hack days and will be joining us here in NYC! Be sure to keep an eye on these bright young hackers: 


2008-2009 Winners


U of Michigan


Brandon Kwaselow

Hack:  Points of Woe


A neat iPhone application that integrates a slew of yahoo's geo apis.


Georgia Tech


Michael Xu and Alex Guan

Hack:  Pick and Roll


Visualize NBA teams as they travel, keeping track of all of their results, news sorted by date and the videos from NBA.com!



U of Washington


David Nufer, Alex Leone, and David Truong

Hack:  Pac-Man on Google Maps






U of Waterloo


Addy Cameron-Huff

Hack:  Hack Democracy


An incredible political research tool that allows us to dig into how your local MP has represented you by looking at what he/she has said on-record in Parliament. You can see see the excerpt about the topic you care about or the entire speech. You can also see how the parties stand on issues you care about based on how often they talk about those issues. And finally he added a simple RSS API for you to fetch the text of speeches by topic to let you build off of his hard data ming work.




Carnegie Mellon


Bryan Pendleton, Chris Harrison, and Julia Schwartz

Hack:  The Inhabited Web



A real-time visualization of how many people are currently browsing the same page you're on, and approximately where they are.




UC San Diego


Jason Pope

Hack:  Fire Eagle Auto Updater





U of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Matt Sparks

Hack:  Pastee


A secure combined pastebin/tinyurl service which was very polished. We actually ended up using it during the judging.



UC Berkeley


Steven Kisley, Andrew Toulouse, and Steven Schlanskler

Hack:  Searchino


A hack using Yahoo! BOSS.

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