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Open Hack NYC

The Developer Conference


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Team Name Creator (contact + skills) OR Looking to join a team Team Members (contact + skills) OR Wannabe team members
(None yet)

Will Saunders

Actionscript, mainly
No Team Name (yet) Robyn Tippins - front-end (design) and product none

Akeem Philbert

John Gist

We're founders http://www.wetawa.com and we're going to be working on a food related app using apis (openid,twitter,flickr,answers etc) and php . If you enjoy good food or enjoy sharing code and experiences with others let me know at akeemphilbert@wetawa.com, or connect with us on http://twitter.com/wetawa or just tap our shoulders we're in the brown shirts with the green "Wetawa" logo (and maybe get one yourself!).
No Shaun Farrugia



Was thinking of working rsscloud at http://rsscloud.org/walkthrough.html with flickr, or else something with integrating event data from all of your streams.

GroundedPower (open to suggestions) Mike Bukhin - Back end development.  Lately doing Ruby/Rails so that's where I am most efficient. Through my current venture I have access to real time electricity consumption at the whole house level (in minute intervals and day averages).  I don't have tons of data to access (think 10s of people not millions) and i'm interesting in marrying that data with yahoo API data and other interesting metadata.  There's basic stuff like can we correlate energy consumption to weather, or maybe TV listings (is the flat screen on when american idol airs?) and there's more ambient subjective stuff of the 'wefeelfine' variety where by combining metadata with energy consumption we can can find patterns and maybe discover some interest insights into what's going on out there.  I've found energy consumption data can be mined for all sorts of interesting stories.  Electricity is interesting because we only notice it when it's gone.  If you want to talk more send me an email.  mbukhin@gmail.com  thanks!
N/A Looking to Join

Justin Lilly, python + django developer

N/A Looking to Join

Hrishikesh Bakshi, Skills: PHP, Flex,ASP.NET, MySQL, GQL, JQuery, JavaScript. Recently worked on a Google App Engine Java application using Google Maps API (http://rumaps.rutgers.edu). Email: bakshi.hrishikesh@gmail.com

N/A Looking to Join Noel Hidalgo, Ideas guy, hummm, i don't know how to discribe myself... i'm an activist, product manager and technologist. i work for the NY Senate's CIO and know how to Q/A like a mad man. ;) @noneck - noneck.org - noel,0a0,noneck.org
N/A Looking to Join Subbu Iyer, hacking social API's , back end development Java, Python experience with google app engine (Python,Java) , worked on couple GAE projects subbu.iyer2003@gmail.com
Looking to Join Ed Rooney - first time attending a hack - looking to join a team. Skillset: PHP, YUI, JQuery, CSS, XSLT. Anyone who could use a hand in any of these and has an idea ping me via Twitter erooney or email admin@vtwebproperties.com.

Brendan McAdams 

I'm planning to throw my time in and continue hacking out a working release of a project I've been working on for a few weeks to integrate Mono with the MongoDB document store.  My goal on a "Rel 1" is to have full support for using IronPython instead of Javascript in the MongoDB backend.  But, I also need a Ruby and Scheme hacker or three (and anyone familiar with any other DLR-based languages, such as Boo)  to lend a hand ensuring support for other tools.  


Anyone with C/C++, .Net (and Mono/Mono Embedding) or Python/Ruby/Scheme (and even Javascript to help with porting the existing standard library) support would be a welcome addition to get a few days of solid hacking in place.



N/A Looking to Join Sean (Xuong) Phu - mainly backend Java development with what use to be a superior skill at Javascript about 8 years ago. Have you ever written Javascript to create MS Paint on a browser? MS Word? What about remotely control another browser (with the help of PHP) - literally mouse movement, textfield, link clicks! Now, imagine doing all these with what's available 8 years ago. Anyone who needs a hand, contact me at dreamywind@yahoo.com
MemeThis Vanessa Sabino

I'm interested in developing a mashup or social data mining app involving Yahoo! Meme.

I'm the creator of MemeThis, a bookmarket that can be used to post new stuff to Yahoo! Meme, which was developed using Java, YQL, oAuth and runs on AppEngine. I'm looking for other Java or Python programmers or people who are able to create a nice front end for the application.

N/A Looking to Join I'm basically open for anything related to software. I'm doing UI stuff using jQuery and lots of backend/web development with JEE and PHP. I 've also used to be a linux sysadmin. Could think of doing something Geo/AR related since I think AR is the next big thing. Contact me at sebastian.himberger@gmx.de


Larry LeFever Looking to Join

Mainly Java back-end developer, but lately working mostly with PHP. Have project underway involving OpenOffice running as a server (for document-conversion), eventually to be accessed from a Drupal instance (but I'm still very new to Drupal). In terms of front-end, just to keep it brief, if I want something centered, I use the center-tag. Know what I mean? Also, recently developed something web-based for iPhone (for Mobile Safari), lets you drag a Google Static Map marker around in the browser (with gestures, of course), and save new location to server, keeps the whole front end in the browser rather than needing a native iPhone app for geoloc-enabled feature. If any common interests, feel free to contact me: larrydlefever@gmail.com

N/A Looking to Join

Looking to do something to teach me more about Python & Django.

I'm Darrell Silver, founder of Perpetually.com.  Perpetually.com is like The Wayback Machine that you control.  It lets you create beautiful archives of any web site.  We're building a huge public and private database of the history of the internet, and all the tools to make it as flexible as any revision control system.

One Night CakePHP@NYC Looking to join

If you wanna do something on CakePHP, Let us gether around.

Please append your idea or hacks.


- yando  candycane:  port of redmine from ror to CakePHP

Albert Rosa Looking to join

Looking to do something to get me even more efficient with PHP currently using Zend as a platoform, but I am also knowledgeable in C#/ ASP.NET.  Feel free to catch me on AIM @ albertrosa2000 or via email at rosalbert@gmail.com you can also feel free to review past sites I have been involved in through my blog at albertrosa.com


Looking to join

I'm Joe D'Agostino, I mostly code in Javascript and PHP. Have decent graphic design skills. Not exactly sure what I would like to hack together yet, keep changing my mind. Really enjoy YQL and would like to probably incorporate that with something delivered via Blueprint.


If you'd like to hack something together with me (sounds like a cheesy personal ad) - email joedag32@yahoo.com, blog: www.joedag32.com, twitter: joedag32, AIM: joedag32

N/A Looking to join

I'm Tarun Kothuri. I am familiar with html+, JavaScript, Java/JSP, Ruby on Rails, PHP Drupal, etc. and anything web related.

Interested in creating/using web services, gui interface widgets and pretty much anything..

I am also looking to learn about mobile, AR and location aware services.


Contact : eztarun@gmail.com


No Team - Get me in One Roody Pineda

I'm Roddy Pineda-Icaza. I can do html, js, css, asp.net, c#. Usually good at organizing, leading , agile development. Need to get back into this stuff after some time off.tty much anything. Old fart that have done almost everything but my first open hack.


Contact : roddy.pine@gmail.com


N/A Nehal Shah

I'm Nehal.  A bit of a jack of all trades.  I've been a .NET developer for years but know a bit about front-end including html, css, and js (know jQuery pretty well).  I know a little bit about PHP and Java as well.  Twitter: fathelga, AIM: NehalShahWP


Have an idea about finding perspective job candidates by tying together twitter, delicious, linkedin, facebook, etc. if anyone is interested in building/experimenting.


Contact: fathelga@gmail.com

StreetGrubb.in Aditya Chadha

Connecting a twitter stream to Yahoo Term Extracter, Placemaker and Maps APIs to show locations of the amazing food trucks that tweet and roam around the city


Contact: aditya@sublucid.comJoin A TeamJoin A TeamJoin A TeamJoin A Team

terminalcast.com Paddy Mullen

I will be hacking on rxvt-js and the terminalcast recorder.  I am good with javascript, python, emacs, and unix in general.  I am looking for people with experience with design, sound recording on different platforms and generaldebugging.  Hopefully We will be able to record terminalcasts of people hacking so that we can share programming tricks.  You can contact me at paddy@chartwidget.com  .  You can find terminalcast repositories at http://github.com/paddymul/TerminalcastRecord and http://github.com/paddymul/rxvt-js

Stream Punks Brian Mitchell

I will be hacking on a page injection mechanism for people to use when adding new stylesheets, scripts, and data sources to a web-page. Inspired by hoodwink.d and css-zen-garden. Source is at github


Comments (5)

Roddy said

at 10:37 am on Oct 8, 2009


paddy@chartwidget.com said

at 3:29 pm on Oct 8, 2009

I'm Paddy Mullen. I would like to find some people to help me with terminalcast.com . Specifically recording sound cross platform, and hacking on rxvt-js. for sound recording knowledge of unix system calls or audio frameworks is helpful. for rxvt-js patience and c/c++ knowledge is helpful. Hopefully we can record terminalcast while hacking.

Thomas R Hallock said

at 12:55 pm on Oct 9, 2009

Anybody with interest / experience in making an eBay-related app and searching and / or listing items?

Thomas R Hallock said

at 5:03 pm on Oct 9, 2009

I'm playing with Julius speech regocnition. Pretty interesting. Anyone want to build an app with it? Maybe something that does realtime Japanese <-> English speech translation?

gordo said

at 3:35 pm on Oct 15, 2009

i want to learn how to hack can someone help me?.. my email is papacito6969@hotmail.com.. thank

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