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Open Hack NYC

The Developer Conference


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Disqus offers a JavaScript embed or blog plug-in (Wordpress, Blogger, TypePad, MovableType) that enhances a blog’s comments and integrates it with a fully moderated community forum, hosted at exampleforum.disqus.com. Disqus’ service adds threads, comment/user ratings, spam control, and user identities for each commenter.



Gigya provides content sharing and advertising technologies that connect brand advertisers, content publishers and a large audience of active social media users. Gigya serves the world’s largest brands with a full-service widget advertising model covering design, development, hosting, distribution, viral promotion, tracking and optimization.



JanRain provides OpenID solutions for businesses and end consumers. Its SaaS solutions enable organizations to accept OpenIDs as a login method for their websites or to issue branded OpenIDs to their users. The myOpenID service is the first and largest independent OpenID provider for end consumers.




JS-Kit makes simple widgets that add interactivity to websites and blogs. Their stable of widgets includes one for commenting, rating, polling and rating comments. They also have a widget called Top Rated that tracks the highest rated objects on your site.




LabPixies is a leading provider of personalized web content and technology. Our mission is to provide the ultimate personalize online experience, bringing together the most advanced web technologies and services in a customizable, easy to use interface. LabPixies recently launched their game Flood-it for the users of Yahoo.com and My Yahoo!.




Mint.com is a modern, powerful, easy and secure Web–based solution for online financial management. And it’s free. Mint recently launched Budget by Mint.com, a new app that helps users of the Yahoo! homepage and My Yahoo! stay on top of their budgets, track spending, and get personalized alerts in one secure place. 




MyRecipes.com is the one-stop online source for finding proven, reliable recipes, step-by-step cooking guides and video, and food and entertaining tips. It features more than 26,000 recipes from magazines and cookbooks including Cooking Light, Southern Living, Sunset, and more. In partnership with Snooth.com, My Recipes launched the A-Z Wine Pairing app for the Yahoo! homepage and My Yahoo!.



Snooth is a social network, recommendation engine and shopping site all in one, that revolves around wine. Snooth reveals new content based upon the content that people with similar tastes enjoy. In partnership with MyRecipes.com, Snooth recently created the A-Z Wine Pairing app to help users of the new Yahoo! homepage and My Yahoo! find perfect wine pairings for over 30,000 recipes.



TotalBeauty.com provides a comprehensive, independent and unbiased product library - over 30,000 products available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Trusted by an audience of over 12 millions women, Total Beauty provides freebies, unbiased product reviews, and beauty tips. Total Beauty recently launched the All Things Beauty app on the Yahoo! homepage and My Yahoo!.


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